About Me

     "God made man a moving, working machine. He designed that the muscles, and every organ of
the body, should be put to use."

        Welcome to 2520 Fitness, my name is Tayon McGregor the help behind the journey. The 2520 Fitness is one that is based on research and experience. Throughout the years God has blessed me with the privilege of being a part of many life changing experiences, with a variety of individuals. From old to young big or small, transformation was witnessed on every level. One of the main aspects of being fit is not just looking healthy but actually being healthy. One known fact about life is that, the rewards given are the results attained from the efforts that you've put to use. 
        This website is designed to show one of the natural yet fastest ways in producing results in any dedicated individual, who desires to make a change. Along the way additions will be made for things such as skin care, hair care, remedies, recipes, etc... This site is also a cater to those who are looking to gain weight. My natural structure is one of a small frame but as you can see in the videos I am no longer that way, and these results were based on a vegan diet. Please contact me with questions and comments as I will try to reply to all to the best of my ability, and I humbly ask that if you find any information useful that you comment and share, thank you and God bless.