Black Beauty

   100 % Herbal Soap Black Beauty   
An all natural hand made herbal and charcoal blend for healthier clearer skin.

The Black Beauty soap is a very strong anti oxidant soap that is rich with herbs such as: king of the forest, cerase, chick-weed, neem, and moringa. The soap also includes Charcoal for bacteria, chemicals, dirt  and other small unwanted particles found in the skin. The main herbs such as king of the forest, cerase, chick-weed, and neem are utilized as its benefits for the skin have been very productive in our other blends of soap.However tthis soap to boost the collagen in the skin to improve its tightness helping to eliminate wrinkles and sagging skin. 

   Oils such as JoJoba oil and vitamin E (70,000 iu) are also there for moisture and skin aging benefits. All of the herbs are unprocessed straight from the grounds of Jamaica. These soaps are also cold processed giving them longer life to each bar. while we have not focused our attention on the designs of our soaps in the past, with such a unique blend we decided to give as much detail to the soaps as the soaps does for the skin.  

   Recommended usage is to wash once a day for first time users, especially those not accustomed to natural products such as herbs. These herbs come straight from the ground from Jamaica, no refining process which means they are highly potent. 

Number of Miracles

   These soaps are NOT tested under any regulations, as they are a blend of natural products combined together to promote clear and healthier skin, at the usage of this product all consumers acknowledge that they are utilizing this product understanding that they are held accountable for any allergic reactions and misusage of these soaps. 


  1. The soap additionally consists of Charcoal for bacteria chemical substances dirt and different small undesirable particles determined within the skin. Its tightness Buy an Essay Online supporting to remove wrinkles and sagging pores and skin. All of the herbs are unprocessed immediately from the grounds of Jamaica.

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