Neem & Cerase Blend

        No two miracles are alike, however their   
                    principle remains the same.

    Every individual have different types of skin, from rough to soft, oily to dry, wrinkle to smooth, it varies in many different ways. Some are allergic to certain types of treatments, while other require the most potent of remedies to rectify a current condition. These varieties of miracle soaps helps in making an adjustment of what soap is right for you. 
    The neem and cerase blend is a very simple and yet powerful way to treat many skin ailments. The neem which is known for its ability to detox the blood and enable a healthy repository and digestive system, is also known to remove acne and work as a great skin toner. This plant has hydrating and healing capabilities that makes it a great restoration for damaged skin, it also works well in promoting strong healthy hair growth.
       The benefits that are received from the cerase blend is that it too like the neem is great for cleansing the blood and works well on infections. Cerase however is known to work well for eczema and psoriasis. Cerase is known for aiding many internal issues with the body and it immune system, as it is rich in vitamin A and C, and also calcium and iron. The list of this herb is extremely extensive as it is known to have multiple benefits for incredible health. 

This miracle consist of:
100% Shea butter 
Organic Virgin Coconut oil 
Extra Virgin Olive oil 
100% JoJoba oil
Aloe Vera
Vitamin E Oil (70,000 iu)
Himalayan Salt

Recommended usage is to wash once a day for first time users, especially those not accustomed to natural products such as herbs. These herbs come straight from the ground from Jamaica, no refining process they are highly potent. 

Number of Miracles
    These soaps are NOT tested under any regulations, as they are a blend of natural products combined together to promote clear and healthier skin, at the usage of this product all consumers acknowledge that they are utilizing this product understanding that they are held accountable for any allergic reactions and misusage of these soaps.