Talk Health With Stephanie Gibson

Hi my name is Stephanie Gibson and I am 31 years old, i'm a volleyball, basketball, and track coach and I have devoted my life to health fitness and I am proud to be a part of

      Although there are many things the we people set to achieve in life, none can be accomplished without God and good health. I workout about 3 to 5 times per week and have lost about 20 lbs and a total of 14 inches. I'm not gonna say it was easy, but my smile will testify that it was worth it. is a wonderful site where others not only can begin their transformation experience, but for those who have already started its a wonderful site to help improve an maintain. 

      One hand washes the other and this is my way of giving back, by sharing my testimony with others I feel is a great way to start, because if I can do it, you can do it... we all need health, we are all in this together. There is not one person broke or rich, learned or unlearned, man or woman, old or young, who is alive on this earth that can be successful without it. 

      Fitness begins on the inside, both mind (mental) and body (diet). The body eats when you tell it to, and can only take in what you give it. A smile can only cover up for so long, but just like everything else, the test of time will prove that only the genuine ones last.

     Although bigger can be better it is not true for all. An unhealthy individual inflicts pain in two ways, first to the individual as an internal effect and the external are its results. However on a larger scale the pain is first felt by the individuals and then by the ones who love them. Showing, that to maintain a healthy lifestyle... is to live an unselfish life.

     I stand at 5'6 and I'm from a mixed background and after having children back to back and being highly devoted to helping others, I realized that I needed to make a change, I needed to care for my health. Just like every journey the road seems long and the hardest part  is always the beginning, but with a strong mind leading the body will follow.
        Results are only guaranteed to those who make a plan, stick to it and endure. Whenever you feel like giving up it's always a good thing to keep in mind the motive that got you started, and this will be the first of many motivating tools. This is also a biblical principal, God declares the end from the beginning. (Isaiah 46:9,10).


The Power of Activated Charcoal

Learn some of the many uses of charcoal and why it is a MUST that we have access to some, especially around the house.

Did you know?

1. Activated charcoal works great against venom and other kinds of 
    poison. It is great against various kinds of snake bites, and  
    other poisonous creatures.

2. Activated charcoal can also be used to brush our teeth with, it 
    work very well as a teeth whitener and is great for children to   
    use as well. Not only does it promote a whiter smile but a 
    healthier one as well.

3. Activated charcoal is also beneficial to our drinking water, as a  
    natural detox and an immune booster, it can be used as an added   
    ingredient to any all natural detox water.

4. Activated charcoal has also been administered to those who have   
    had a drug over-dose.

5. Activated charcoal is used in soap and is great for acne,  
    blemishes and other skin impurities.

Charcoal & Olive Oil

       “I will tell you a little about my experience with charcoal as a remedy. For some forms of indigestion, it is more efficacious than drugs. A little olive oil into which some of this powder has been stirred, tends to cleanse and heal. I find it is excellent.... PH144 24.3
       “Always study and teach the use of the simplest remedies, and the special blessing of the Lord may be expected to follow the use of these means which are within the reach of the common people.” - Letter 100, 1903. PH144 25.1

A Testimony on Charcoal

       I still remember another case. At our first camp - meeting here, held in Brighton, a young lady was taken sick on the ground, and remained sick during most of the meeting. She was thought to have typhoid fever, and although many prayers were offered in her behalf, she left the ground sick. Dr. M.G. Kellogg, half - brother to J.H. Kellogg, of Battle Creek, was attending her. He came to me one morning, and said, Sister Price is in great pain. I cannot relieve her. She cannot sleep, and every breath seems as though it would be her last. We prayed for her, and then like a flash of lightning there came to me the thought of the charcoal. “Send to the blacksmith for charcoal, and pulverize it, I said, “and put a poultice of it on her side.” He tried this, and in one hour he came to me and said, “That prescription was an inspiration from God. Sister Price could not have lived until now if no change had come. The sick one fell into a restful sleep; the crisis passed, and she began to amend. In a few days she was taken from Melbourne to her home in Melbourne (?), and is alive and well today. PC 27.1


        One of the most beneficial remedies is pulverized charcoal, placed in a bag and used in fomentations. This is a most successful remedy. If wet in smartweed boiled, it is still better. I have ordered this in cases where the sick were suffering great pain, and when it has been confided to me by the physician that he thought it was the last before the close of life. 

         Then I suggested the charcoal, [It is of interest to observe in connection with the several E. G. White statements concerning the value of charcoal, that as well as being a product of frequent medical prescription, a 1,160 - page professional work, Clinical Toxicology Of Commercial Products (Williams and Wilkins, 1957, $16.00) advises as an antidote for many known poisons and for all poisonous substances of unknown ingredients a “Universal Antidote” of four parts, two of which are activated charcoal. - Compilers.] And the patient slept, the turning point came, and recovery was the result. 

         To students when injured with bruised hands and suffering with inflammation, I have prescribed this simple remedy, with perfect success. The poison of inflammation was overcome, the pain removed, and healing went on rapidly. The most severe inflammation of the eyes will be relieved by a poultice of charcoal, put in a bag, and dipped in hot or cold water, as will best suit the case. This works like a charm. 2SM 294.2

Creamy Vegan Spinach Pie

Cooking a "Creamy Vegan Spinach Pie" with sister Tina.

A fun an easy to make dish, that can be made by anyone who follows the easy to make tutorial video. Watch as sister Tina make this wonderful creamy vegan spinach pie so effortlessly.  


2 boxes low fat puff pastry - remember to keep chilled!
2 large bags of spinach
2 cloves of garlic
1 large or 2 small onions
1 tbsp coconut oil
2 + 1/4 cups non-dairy milk (1/4 cup for mixing with dry cornflour)
Mixed herbs to taste
Bouillion or preferred seasoning to taste