Savi's Ultimate Nachos

Have you ever been really hungry and wanted to fix something to eat that won't eat away at your time? Here is something that anyone can make, it is amateur friendly to the fullest. This can be made for any major event or gathering, it can even be used to entertain a small group of friends, and will look like you've given it much thought and effort.
Nachos Ingredients:
Corn Nachos (white/yellow)
refried beans
finely diced red, yellow and green peppers,
finely diced red onion
shredded romaine lettuce
A shredded cheese of your choice (to give your cheese the Mexican flavor profile, dash of chili powder and cumin and then turn it up - that's all I wrote!)
pickled jalepeno
finely chopped cilantro

Layer all of the ingredients as evenly as possible starting with nachos and cheese.
It does not matter what order you layer the ingredients, as long you use a lot of cheese to bind everything. 

After you remove it from the oven it can be cut and served because the cheese melted and binds it all aka hold it all together.
Afterwards you place it in the oven. The time that it stays in the oven depends on your oven. Just keep an eye on it until cheese has melted through.

The average oven should be at 350F.
So delicious please come back and share the taste.

Recipe by: Saveena Mclean