Simple Work-out Fast Ab Results

30 Minute Ab Workout

Ever tried losing a big stomach and found it difficult, or tried toning what’s there but the progress takes too long? How about the times when you’re consistent with what you do, in working the abdominal region but have minimal to no success in certain areas? The answer in most cases are found within how you do what you do, but in all cases it stems from diet.

This site caters to a proper diet as well as the exercises needed for any level of fitness that is trying to be attained. The exercises are built with modifications that the individual may be able to challenge him or herself to obtain maximum results.
Here is a 4 step routine that can do wonders for an average person and add debt to a veteran’s arsenal, but first let’s examine our targeted areas.

                            1. Upper abdominal region
                            2. Mid abdominal region
                            3. Lower abdominal region
                            4. The oblique

Let’s begin with the upper abdominal region.

Laying on your back with your legs straight up (placing the body in a L shape) stretching your arms out front and we do 20 toe touches or if that position is too uncomfortable or difficult to work from, assume a regular sit-up position and do 2 crunches. (in the video).

                                                               15 second rest

Our second part of this circuit is 15 leg knee raises hanging from a bar, (when these are being done bring your knee as far into your stomach as possible). (In the video).

                                                                10 second rest

On our third exercise, lay flat on your back and lift your legs off the floor and begin with mini scissors for a count of 10. Then you alter into big scissors for a count of 10 seconds, and then lift both legs up and down above your head 10 times (if you have a partner do another 10 with yor partner pushing your feet back towards the ground... not too hard, and do not let your feet touch the ground) If there is no partner, bring your feet above your head 25 times. (In the video).


5 second rest

Our last workout is cross body full crunches. Lying flat on you back legs straight in the air above you, bending your knees, and locking your fingers behind your head take the right elbow and crunch it in towards your left knee 15 times (on each crunch from the right elbow to the left knee, extend the right leg completely as you crunch) repeat this same process with your left elbow and right knee for 15 crunches. (In the video). 


After you have completed the process you will repeat the entire routine 4 times in total for a complete ab workout.
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