How To Make Grape Syrup

Instead of buying grape syrup in a store that's loaded with sugar and artificial favoring, why not learn how to make grape syrup on your own.


1 12oz can of frozen apple juice unsweetened

1 6 oz can of froze 100% grape juice unsweetened

3 Tbsp arrowroot/cornstarch

1 c water


Bring both cans of frozen juice concentrate to a boil in a pot.  Dissolve the cornstarch/arrowroot in a small amount of water by itself.  Next, stir dissolved cornstarch/arrowroot and into boiling liquid (juice) until mixture begins to thicken slightly (if you like your syrup thick let it cook a little longer.  Once the syrup thickens to your desired consistency you can add fresh or frozen blueberries or other berries to your syrup.


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