How To Make A Fast 2 Ingredient Cleanse (Great For Infections)

This is a natural health recipe that works very well and very fast. Too many times we rely on over the counter drugs and on surgery when we can gain better results and it can cost us less... a lot less.

Ever get constipated?
Do you ever feel sharp stomach pains?
Are you breaking out often?
Do you consistently feel nausea?
D you get sick frequently?

Here is what can help. This is a great way to clean the blood stream & also great for someone with cancer.

1c of orange juice or 3 oranges 
1 stem of aloe
*A toilet will be needed as well

Peel the oranges and place them in the blender (if using orange juice use one full cup) cut up one stem of aloe with the skin included, and place it inside the blender and blend until smooth. Do not do this and leave over night, drink it right away and stay close to a bathroom for the next few hours.

*This can also be done using a pineapple or pineapple juice.


  1. Hmm...."stay close to a bathroom for the next few hours"...sounds like I'll need to take the day off work if I'm going to do this cleanse! I guess it will be worth it though.

    1. Lol yup... this will clean you better than an over the counter drug.

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