Miracle Soap

What a time to be alive. As we have a hand made, 100% all natural way of helping the skin, the best way to put it is... IT'S SIMPLY AMAZING!

It works like a miracle
Do you need help with eliminating toxins?
Removing acne, eczema, blemishes, black spots and other skin impurities? 

Here is a natural solution that will not only help you get rid of them but will help you keep them from returning. This is a newly produced soap, and yet it is recommended by many.

Miracle soap is designed to rid the skin of impurities that are the primary causes for breakouts and black heads. It will also rejuvenate the skin in bringing back life, ridding it of dead skin cells.

The bible declares that man was brought forth from dust, and throughout the years as sickness and disease would be a hinder to everyone that has ever lived, it is proven that that which comes from the dust was always the best remedy for man. From the benefits of fruits and vegetables for cures such as cancer, diabetes, flu, and all other types of ailments, nature has proven to be the best remedy. So faithfully I placed that theory to the test.

As a teenager I was plagued by acne in a severe way, and I literally tried everything that I could get my hands on to help. From oxy to noxzema and all sorts of pimple creams and pads, that did very little for me and was too expensive to maintain. With help from my mother, the one who introduced me to herbal plants and their benefits, that I would eventually try for myself. I was extremely blown away by the results, and this was the reason of what compelled me to come up with a soap that would end the fight with acne, blemishes, black spots and other skin problems for good.

Miracle soap is 100% natural in every ingredient, even down to the way it is handled and processed. The herbal benefits are beyond how I can describe it, the feeling alone after the use of the soap is a testimony within itself. My skin clarity is proof of the affects of Miracle Soap as well as others who have tried and continue to use Miracle Soap.

For example:

Aloe - Has antioxidants and is potent with vitamins and minerals and also amino acids that are great against acne and scars as well as wrinkles and it operates as a great healing agent... it contains vitamin A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12.

Green Clay - Made up of iron oxide and minerals as well as decomposed plant materials, green clay make a wonderful detox both on the inside and outside parts of the body. 

Chick WeedThis plant can also be used as an astringent and can be eaten as well. A chickweed detox water is also know to help with obesity. and is used as a medicinal tea for many different reasons.  (want to learn more on chick weed you can go to the page under health and see its acne care).

     This soap is very potent, recommended usage for beginners (those who are not used to natural products) is on wash per day, also as you wash with the soap, you may leave the soap on the skin for a short period of time, for example 15-20 seconds for beginners. This product is not animal tested and all users are using on their own free will and are  aware of every ingredient used in the soap, please feel free to submit picture and comments on what the soap has done for you. Thank you and God Bless.

* Information of the neem & cerase is found under the Neem and Cerase Blend soap. 

The miracle consists of:

Vitamin E Oil (70,000 iu)                                                  
Activated Charcoal
Virgin Coconut Oil
Virgin Olive Oil
Chick Weed
Aloe vera
Green Clay
King of the forest
Lye as the soap base

Here are a few more images of someone's testimony using The Miracle Soaps.

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  1. I must say, this soap is as good as is advertised, it works a bit faster than is expressed. I would think you need a bit more marketing on it.

  2. After my rash from eczema disappeared, I was left with dry patches all over my feet and hands. I was using prescription ointment, vaseline, and cocoa butter multiple times per day, but nothing was healing my skin, just masking the dry patches. After using the soap for about 4 days, I no longer had to need to constantly use any of the other products to hide the dry patches because they disappeared.

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