Iron Man Challenge

To build muscle or to maintain strength, as well as keeping the body properly conditioned does not take as much time as some would make it seem. I have been exercising and doing my own personal research for quite some time and have experienced for myself results that make me look and feel healthier. Here is a small two-part workout, that will help build upper body strength as well as physique in areas such as your arms, chest, shoulders and back. 

Challenge listed below...

First you will need a set of hand weights. For those who are new to working out 10-15lbs would be ideal, and for those who can endure 25-30lbs would more than suffice.

Part 1
first start with 10 curls simultaneously, and without letting go the weights go down and do 20 push-ups with the weights still in hand. stand back on your feet and repeat the process for three sets of 30 curls and 3 sets of 20 pushups. (if you cannot do 20 push-ups, reduce it to 10)

After part 1 take 3 minute breather and head to a pull-up bar. With this routine you're going to do 10 pull-ups and dropping down and doing 10 push-ups (for advanced individuals diamond pushups are recommended), after the push-ups get back on the bar for 9 pull-ups and then another 10 push-ups.

10 pull-ups , 10 push-ups
9 pull-ups, 10 push-up
8 pull-ups, 10 push-ups
etc... (down to 1)

There is a more difficult routine, this is for beginners...


  1. Do you have a Iron Woman one?

    1. Good day, yes there is an iron woman challenge that we will be putting up very soon.