How To Make Vegan Ice Cream

I always had a hard time trying to figure out, why is it when I go somewhere that has vegan and the regular (dairy or meat), the vegan product is always sold out first... and now I know why, this may help.


Frozen fruit of your choice

1 teaspoon of vanilla

1 to 2 tablespoons of honey (adding the honey depends on 

whether or not your fruit is sweet).

* For chocolate ice cream use carob powder instead of chocolate.

In a food processor. You should have plenty of the frozen

fruit example 3 frozen bananas, then add the vanilla and 

honey and a 1/2 of unfrozen ripe banana. Than whiz it in the 

food processor until it is the consistency of smooth ice 

cream. To make the chocolate one add 1 teaspoon of carob 

to the bananas.

For strawberry ice cream freeze the strawberries and

add 1 tsp of vanilla then the honey and again only two or 

three unfrozen strawberries. The unfrozen fruit helps blend

the frozen fruit, this will change your mind from eating unhealthy ice cream again, next you log back on here and

share the taste, enjoy.

* You can also use a blender if you don't have a food processor just add more non 

frozen fruit with the frozen fruit and a little liquid, (i.e. pineapple juice).


  1. Sorry - that's not vegan ice cream. It uses honey. It's vegetarian, just not vegan.

    1. There is more than one type of vegan, this is a site where vegans are based on biblical principles where honey is accepted.