Keys To A Small Waist

I have worked with her for less than 2 months.
Lets not deceive ourselves, while many are in the gym for months working hard they still maintain the same physical structure... especially in the waist. Let's face it, if muscle is tissue that is developed by food an exercise, and fat is composed from what we eat, how we eat, and when we eat, then why don't we work from the inside out. There will be seen faster, better and more affective results.
Although this site already informs us on what we eat, what is also of importance is how we eat.
For example here are a few do's and do not to eat when pertaining to abdominal fat.

                          Do                                                Do Not 
                        1. Blue berry                                                            1. Cheese
                        2. Green Tea (decaffeinated)                                   2. Caffeine
                        3. Coconut (oil, milk, water, flour)                         3. Alcohol
Those are a few examples that will help to alter a size or 2, but it should be done with consistency.
Another important agent to weight loss is in the way we chew, and this is found to be affective in 10 out of 9 individuals (that's right 10 out of 9). If we increase the amount of chews we make for each mouthful this will break down the food into smaller particles allowing the body to decompose of it faster (liquids pass through our system quickly). It also helps prevent us from over-eating as the extra chewing would send signals throughout the body that we are eating more as we chew. Following these steps will only enhance the workouts that will be provided to have a smaller waist in a short period of time. I have many clients and friends that can testify with their results.

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