Fitness 101

Your body is a machine, capable of reaching its peak potential as long as you treat it that way.

"The wonderful mechanism of the human body does not receive half the care that is often given to a mere lifeless machine." {Healthy Living 10.3}

Developing a fit physique and maintaining are 2 different process, before anyone begins to workout they must first go through what I call a 2 step preparation process. Step1: working out is just  as much mental as it is physical, without the mind the body doesn't move. Lets look at a few key things that would be beneficial for the long run.

Everyone at some point in the process feels like giving up, here are a few ways to get over that mental setback.

Take pictures
Weigh yourself,
Take measurements

Whenever you get the feeling of giving up, always remember the first reason why you started. Pictures also will help you to see the minor changes that the everyday eye cannot see, take a few update pictures every 2 weeks. Weighing yourself once every 2 weeks is a good way to keep track of progress motivating the mind with information, that you're either gaining or loosing weight. The measurements will help in giving an understanding of where the weight is being loss or gained and where you would have to target.

Step 2: The diet is a major part this helps determine how fast results can be attained, and that you have a proper amount of energy to maintain a balanced workout. A proper diet also plays a part in weight management when you decide to take a break from the work-out. I would recommend a proper detox of the body before a complete diet change, on my health page there are a few detox that would be of assistance.

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