How To Lose Weight With This Simple Breakfast

This will change your day and ultimately your life. Learn how to lose weight by implementing a breakfast like this throughout your week, I have been personal training for years and have had many success stories off of this breakfast alone. Those who've tried it lose a lot of weight fast and along with the exercise saw results in days.

        This is a very simple breakfast, that in my recent experience of personal training I have provided as a simple advice that made the greatest difference in a short period of time. So many things attribute to a proper weight loss such as what we eat, but what about the how. Chewing our food properly plays a major role in weight loss. 

          For example most people when they eat do not chew their food enough so that the body can easily digest it. The more we chew the more of a liquid substance that solid food becomes, it is easier for liquid to pass through the system rather than chunks of food enabling the body to digest faster and easier. Put it like this we have 32 teeth so each bite of food should get 32 chews or something remotely close. This act also triggers signals to the body that we are actually eating more than we are.

A Simple Breakfast

Strawberry / Blueberry

Lets begin with oatmeal or a high fiber cereal such as "All Bran" (or any high fiber cereal)... having this and an apple immediately after would prove to be a decision changer for your lunch. The other fruits may be placed inside the oatmeal for added taste and extra vitamins and minerals. Fiber is a roughage that fills our hunger fast, and pectin plays a roll in suppressing the hunger keeping you feeling full for longer periods of time, and the combination of the 2 have enough vitamins and minerals to be a healthy meal.

*The results of fiber and pectin are two simple combinations that will attribute to better decisions throughout out the day.

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