1 Ingredient Acne Cure

This post could have went many directions, we could have combined many ingredients however that would take away from my personal experience. plagued by acne most of my  teenage years lead me to try everything to find an answer. I couldn't afford the necessary care  to treat my acne, and It got bad to the point where I cut school and I even stole a product to treat my acne. Until one day my mother spoke of something that I should try, I never heard of it before but I was more than willing to try, within 1 week my face shown so much of an improvement that I was questioned by almost everyone as to what did I do. Here is the 1 solution that changed my life.

Filled with magnesium, beta-carotene, ascorbic-acid, niacin, oleic-acid, potassium, calcium, coumarins, genistein, riboflavin, rutin, selenium, thiamin, and zinc...  this is just to name a few. This plant can also be used as an astringent and can be eaten as well. A chickweed detox water is also know to help with obesity. and is used as a medicinal tea for many different reasons.

Chickweed / Stellaria media

Stellaria media also known as chickweed is a natural herbal plant that is great for burns, rashes, skin irritations, inflammation, obesity, and other commonly faced problems. First boil the chickweed in a pot as you would a natural herb, next drink about a cup full leaving back enough t wash your face with (or affected area). Let it dry by itself do not towel dry. Repeat the process 2 to 3 times throughout the day and within a week according to my results I would have to guarantee the same for you.

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