(without baking powder and baking soda)
This is absolutely amazing, here is a recipe that is universal to any preference. It is tasty and can be made very quickly and easily. It is essential that we take notice of our ingredients as this recipe proves that great taste does not need to come with a sacrifice.

1½  cups of wholewheat pastry flour or chaphatti flour
I cup coconut palm sugar / soft, dark brown sugar
½ tsp Himalayan salt
¼ cup carob powder
1 cup sparkling water
½ cup sunflower oil
1 tbsp vanilla

Preheat the oven to 350F/180C/Gas Mark 6 and prepare cupcake tin with cupcake cases.  Combine dry ingredients, make a well in the middle and set aside. In a separate bowl, mix together the sunflower oil and vanilla. Ensure that the oven is heated to the correct temperature before adding the sparkling water to the oil and vanilla. Once added, mix gently with a spoon just enough to combine. Pour the wet mixture in the middle of the dry ingredient and gently combine. Evenly distribute the mixture between the cases and bake for 15 minutes in the pre-heated oven. Test with a cocktail stick, which should come out dry when inserted.



Creamy Vegan Spinach Dip

Have you ever been so hungry that you can't wait that long to make something that's well worth it, has a satisfying taste as well as healthy. Then this is just the recipe for you.


1 8.oz can chickpeas
1/4 cup cashew
1/2 lime
2 tbls garlic powder
salt & pepper to taste
2 tbls all purpose seasoning
3 handfuls of spinach
1/2 cup water
2 tbls natural yeast
2 tsp vegetable oil

Blend chick peas, cashew, yeast and water until it gets to a creamy consisteny. Cook the spinach with vegetable oil on medium heat until swept.

Mix in your creamy dip and now add garlic powder, salt, pepper, and your all purpose seasoning. Mix well and pour into container to enjoy.


How To Make Berry Tarts

If you love pop tarts you will love this. A healthier way to enjoy having pop tarts without having to worry about the high sugar or the artificial flavoring. This is something that's good for guests, breakfast, and especially the children, they are easy to make and they taste great.    


For 4 large pop tarts (or many mini pop tarts) :
2 cups flour
2 tbsp sugar
1/3 cup vegan butter
1/2 cup water

2 cups of strawberries
2 cups of any other berry you like. (Raspberries,blackberries, blueberries)
1/4 cup of water
1/2 - 3/4 cup sugar depending how sweet you want it
1/2 cup of chia seeds
Half a lemon juice

Cut up desired fruits and put them in a pot with the water and sugar and allow them to come to a rolling simmer.
Then take off fire and put in the chia seeds and stir in.
Put the mixture in a bowl then set in fridge while you get the dough ready.

For the dough put flour, sugar, and vegan butter mix well till clumps are made then add water to smooth it out and mix into a dough ball.
Roll out dough ball with a rolling pin and cut into a square and do not discard the ends because they can be used for another berry tart.
After the dough is ready blend the filling mixture in a blender under it is blended to a thick liquid.

Then cut the dough into equal parts. One part is to hold the filling and the other is to be placed on top the dough that has the filling.
Then crimp the ends with a fork.

Then pop in the oven set at 350 degrees and leave it for 15 mins.
Then Voila! Enjoy!


Simple Work-out Fast Ab Results

30 Minute Ab Workout

Ever tried losing a big stomach and found it difficult, or tried toning what’s there but the progress takes too long? How about the times when you’re consistent with what you do, in working the abdominal region but have minimal to no success in certain areas? The answer in most cases are found within how you do what you do, but in all cases it stems from diet.

This site caters to a proper diet as well as the exercises needed for any level of fitness that is trying to be attained. The exercises are built with modifications that the individual may be able to challenge him or herself to obtain maximum results.
Here is a 4 step routine that can do wonders for an average person and add debt to a veteran’s arsenal, but first let’s examine our targeted areas.

                            1. Upper abdominal region
                            2. Mid abdominal region
                            3. Lower abdominal region
                            4. The oblique

Let’s begin with the upper abdominal region.

Laying on your back with your legs straight up (placing the body in a L shape) stretching your arms out front and we do 20 toe touches or if that position is too uncomfortable or difficult to work from, assume a regular sit-up position and do 2 crunches. (in the video).

                                                               15 second rest

Our second part of this circuit is 15 leg knee raises hanging from a bar, (when these are being done bring your knee as far into your stomach as possible). (In the video).

                                                                10 second rest

On our third exercise, lay flat on your back and lift your legs off the floor and begin with mini scissors for a count of 10. Then you alter into big scissors for a count of 10 seconds, and then lift both legs up and down above your head 10 times (if you have a partner do another 10 with yor partner pushing your feet back towards the ground... not too hard, and do not let your feet touch the ground) If there is no partner, bring your feet above your head 25 times. (In the video).


5 second rest

Our last workout is cross body full crunches. Lying flat on you back legs straight in the air above you, bending your knees, and locking your fingers behind your head take the right elbow and crunch it in towards your left knee 15 times (on each crunch from the right elbow to the left knee, extend the right leg completely as you crunch) repeat this same process with your left elbow and right knee for 15 crunches. (In the video). 


After you have completed the process you will repeat the entire routine 4 times in total for a complete ab workout.
Like, comment, and share. Let us know how you did…


How To Make Vegan Chicken Noodle Soup

Learn how to make the famous chicken noodle soup vegan style, which means it's far more healthier, tastier, and beneficial for the body.

3 cups water
1 c chicken style seasoning
½ cup baby carrots, sliced thin
½ cup chopped celery
½ cup of thinly sliced onions
½ cup of noodles of your choice
1 Container of firm/extra firm tofu diced
1 Tbs. minced fresh parsley
½ c green onion diced (optional)
salt to taste (if needed at all)

1. Combine broth, carrots, celery and onion in large saucepan over medium-high heat, and bring to a simmer. Reduce heat to low, and stir in fettuccine. Simmer, partially covered, 15 minutes. Stir in Tofu and green onions.
2. Cook 5 minutes more, or until vegetables and noodles are tender. Remove from heat, stir in parsley, and season with sea salt.

Chicken Style Seasoning

1/3 c nutritional yeast
1 tsp celery seed
3 tbl onion powder
2 tbl sucanat
1 ½ tsp garlic powder
2 tbl Italian seasoning
2 tbl salt
½ tsp turmeric

Blend above ingredients and stir in 2 tbl dried parsley.


How To Make Almond Butter Brownies

Brownie lovers be ware, this will have you addicted, learn how to make almond butter brownies that are extremely tasty and meets the requirements of healthy all around... you gotta try it.


¾ c or ½ of a 10.5 oz package of lite siken tofu firm crumbled.
½ c water
½ c pure maple syrup
2 TBL oil
1 TBL vanilla extract
1 ¼ c whole wheat pastry flour
1 c unbleached cane sugar
¼ tsp aluminum free baking powder


Preheat oven to 350 degrees

In a blender or food processor, process the silken tofu, water, maple syrup, carob powder, oil, and vanilla until smooth. In a large bowl, mix together the remaining ingredients. Combine the dry ingredients with the wet ingredients stirring well to combine.  Gently fold in the walnuts or pecans. Pour the batter into the baking pan and bake for about 40 minutes or until the toothpick comes out clean in the center.

Once your brownie mix is done allow it to cool completely, than spread almond butter or peanut butter on top of it.  Then spread your carob topping on top of this.  Allow it sit in the refrigerator for 20 minutes to set.

Carob Icing

1 c vegan margarine (room temperature)
4 c powdered sugar (make your own by blending raw cane sugar and arrowroot)
dash of sea salt
2 Tbl vanilla
4 Tbl soy milk
½ c carob powder

Directions:  Blend margarine until mushy, add vegan powdered sugar, salt, vanilla, soy milk and carob powder.  Mix together, add a little bit more milk if you want it smoother.  Spread on cake and enjoy.  Add carob chips on top of it to make it more decadent!


The IM*POSSIBLE Transformation

The amazing transformation of Jill Lee Ann Lemieux is what so many people have dreamed of accomplishing. 

What everyone would label as impossible, the bible determines: "But Jesus beheld them, and said unto then, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26

Impossible consists of 2 words "I'm possible," not that we as individuals can do anything for ourselves, but with "The Great I Am" (Exodus 3:14) in front of every possibility, warrants all things possible. 

Mark 9:23 "Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.

Her ability to lose 150 lbs is something to witness, and she did it all naturally. Her mentality is what enabled her to make the progress, and she is willing and ready to give tips and share her testimony on how she has done what she did right here on but first lets introduce you to Jill, as she will later on tell us how to lose weight fast.


It has been emphasized throughout our programs time and time again that if we as individuals who have expressed interest in either GAINING or LOSING weight, a proper diet MUST be accounted for. The visual out look of the body is just physical expressions for what is going on inside the body. Exercise is most effective when it is coupled with the proper diet. We will share stories and tips from Jill and others to help you on your pursuit to for a better way to live, where you can learn ways on how to be your own trainer and how to be your own doctor on

Luke 18:27 "And he said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God."

 Testimony and tips coming soon...


How To Make Tofu Balls

Learn a Quick and easy way on how to make some delicious

tofu balls. This is very healthy and can be made very fast.

6 c crumbled tofu
2 c whole grain bread crumbs
2 tbs onion powder
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tbs oregano
1 tbs basil
11/4 tsp salt
1 c pimento cheese sauce

Directions: Rinse, drain, crumble and measure tofu. Put into bowl and add remaining ingredients. Mix

together well. Form into 1/8 c (2 tbs) balls. Place on Lecithin-oiled cookie sheet. Cover

with foil. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. Uncover and bake an additional 10-15

minutes to brown. Yields 40 balls


How To Make Chipped Tofu

Learn how to make a wonderful breakfast of Chipped Tofu, a delicious way to change up the meal and keep it healthy and tasty at the same time. The body functions best with a great breakfast to start the day.


1 ½ c cubed tofu
2 c water
2 Tbl country style seasoning #1
2 c water #2
½ c cashews
1 Tbl onion powder
1 ½ Tbl soy sauce
1 Tbl country style seasoning  #2
2 tsp arrowroot or cornstarch

Drain tofu make into cuts.  Make broth by adding country style seasoning #1 to water #1 in saucepan.  Add tofu and boil for 20 minutes.  Drain.

Using 1 c of water #2 blend remaining ingredients on high for 2-3 minutes.  Pour into saucepan; add remaining cup of water #2 and bring to boil stirring constantly.  Cook until thick.  Add boiled tofu and stir briefly.  Serve over toast, pasta, rice, or with biscuits.


How To Make BBQ Tofu

How about making this for a vegan or a vegetarian bbq. Very easy to make and juicy to the very last bite, this recipe gives it a taste that would make a meat eater think twice. 


2 containers of extra firm tofu
3 Tbl almond butter
1/3 c olive oil
1 Tbl paprika
¼ tsp cayenne pepper
½ tsp garlic powder
1-2 tsp sea salt

Freeze, thaw, and then squeeze the excess water out of the Tofu.  Cut the Tofu into strips.  Mix together the remaining above ingredients until smooth.  Pour the mixture over Tofu strips and make sure they are evenly and completely covered.  Let these marinate for 1 hour.  Preheat oven 350 degrees.  Lay Tofu strips out of cookie sheet and make sure that your cookie sheet is oiled.  Bake for 25 minutes or until bottoms are browned turn the pieces over when they are browed and bake the other side for another 25 minutes.  Once the tofu is completely brown pour barbecue sauce over all the pieces and bake for another 15 minutes.


How To Make Coconut Greens

Let's try something different, something with more flavor, more health benefits, and easy to make... Something that can be altered to fit your personal taste.


3 large bags of greens
(1 bag Turnip greens, 1 bag of Collard greens, and 1 bag Mustard Greens).
6 cans of coconut milk
1/8 c olive oil
1 onion (chopped)
½ - 1 cup nutritional yeast
1 Tbl Garlic powder
1 Tbl Onion powder
Sea salt to taste


In a large pot coat the bottom of the pot with olive and add your onion.  Cook onion for just a couple of minutes than add your greens 1 bag at a time.

You want to make sure that you coat your greens with the olive oil and when they begin to cook down add your next bag and follow the same procedure until you have all 3 bags in pot.  Once all greens are cooked down add your coconut milk and mix.

If your coconut milk does not cover the greens add a bit of water till the greens are covered.  Then add your yeast flakes till you lightly cover the top of your greens.  Add your onion and garlic powder to taste and make sure you mix them well.

NOTE:  Do Not cover with a lid.  Cook over medium heat, making sure to stir so that they do not burn.  Cook approximately 45 minutes.


Learn How To Make A Jamaican Dish

This is a great dish put together by Caribbean hands, learn how to make ackee along with dumplings from where it was originated. 100% natural & healthy & it tastes so good. Cause face it sometimes you gotta bring the islands to you.

Sauteed Ackee

1 bowl Ackee
3 Onions
1 head Garlic
2 lbs Tomatoes
Cayenne pepper/hot pepper
Italian seasoning
Other desired seasonings

Place 2-3 tbs of oil in pot to hot. When oil is well heated place carrots, onions, garlics, chive in pot; stir and allow them to be sauteed for a few mins then add diced tomatoes to the pot with salt and seasonings to taste. Add bowled ackee to pot. Allow to cook until the ackee absorbs seasoning.

Coconut Dumplings

2 lbs White flour
2 lbs Whole wheat flour
1 Coconut (milk and husk/trash)
1 handful Sugar
1 Tbs Salt
1 slice of avacado

Combine both flours, sugar, salt and Coconut husk/trash. Add coconut milk and water and knead the flour into a firm dough. Allow dough to rest for 15 mins then form dough into small circular shape and add to boiling salted water. Allow Dumplings to cook for about 15 minutes.

*Ripe Plantains can be boiled with dumplings but must be monitored as to avoid overcooking.

Serves: 15 people


How To Make Grape Syrup

Instead of buying grape syrup in a store that's loaded with sugar and artificial favoring, why not learn how to make grape syrup on your own.


1 12oz can of frozen apple juice unsweetened

1 6 oz can of froze 100% grape juice unsweetened

3 Tbsp arrowroot/cornstarch

1 c water


Bring both cans of frozen juice concentrate to a boil in a pot.  Dissolve the cornstarch/arrowroot in a small amount of water by itself.  Next, stir dissolved cornstarch/arrowroot and into boiling liquid (juice) until mixture begins to thicken slightly (if you like your syrup thick let it cook a little longer.  Once the syrup thickens to your desired consistency you can add fresh or frozen blueberries or other berries to your syrup.


Push-up Countdown

Here is a routine for those who are trying to get to 100 push-ups straight. This however is not easy , just because its a stepping stone for another plateau. Here is a routine that you can use to take you to another level of your work-outs.

How to do a proper push-up is essential, there should be no "shorties" (short arm push-ups) in this routine, this is full extensions breaking the L position made with your elbows.

we start by doing 10 push-ups and then we stand to our feet for one second and then do 9, and repeat the routine until you get to 1. However at 5 you will hold it at the amount of seconds your first push-up started with. For example if your first set was  10 push-ups,  then you hold it for 10 seconds. Follow the video below... let's go. 


How To Make A Vegan Ice-Cream Sundae

How to to make a delicious vegan ice-cream sundae, with a little room left to add your own twist, that can make it taste just the way you want it.

Cone Ingredients:
1 ½ cups unbleached all-purpose flour
1 ½ teaspoons vanilla extract
1/4 c cane sugar
A dash of nutmeg 

1 box soyatoo topping cream
1 tablespoon cornstarch
Oil, to use for the iron

Place the vanilla extract in a bowl along with the soyatoo Topping cream and whisk them until it becomes thick. Then you add the remaining ingredients and whisk them together as well to make a batter, and then leave it for about a half an hour.
Turn on the waffle cone and spread the oil across. Next place the batter inside and toast it until its golden brown. The you remove the browned batter and and give it an overlapping fold, into the form of a cone. If you want you can shape it yourself into a bowl or whatever pattern you choose.
The ice creams can be found on this site under the recipe label, with two choices: Soy or non-soy vegan ice cream.

You can add a cereal (vegan) of your choosing along with strawberries or cherries along with some maple syrup to give it the defining taste.

How To Make A Fast 2 Ingredient Cleanse (Great For Infections)

This is a natural health recipe that works very well and very fast. Too many times we rely on over the counter drugs and on surgery when we can gain better results and it can cost us less... a lot less.

Ever get constipated?
Do you ever feel sharp stomach pains?
Are you breaking out often?
Do you consistently feel nausea?
D you get sick frequently?

Here is what can help. This is a great way to clean the blood stream & also great for someone with cancer.

1c of orange juice or 3 oranges 
1 stem of aloe
*A toilet will be needed as well

Peel the oranges and place them in the blender (if using orange juice use one full cup) cut up one stem of aloe with the skin included, and place it inside the blender and blend until smooth. Do not do this and leave over night, drink it right away and stay close to a bathroom for the next few hours.

*This can also be done using a pineapple or pineapple juice.


What if something makes your food look like chicken,

smell like chicken, and even taste like chicken... BUT IT'S

NOT CHICKEN. In fact it's 10 times healthier and natural

from the thought to the burp.

Ever wondered how to make chicken style chicken seasoning, well here's how.


1 1/3 cup yeast flakes
½ teaspoon celery seed
3 tablespoons onion powder
2 tablespoons Italian seasoning
2½ teaspoons garlic powder
1 teaspoon turmeric, for color

2½ tablespoons salt
2 tablespoons parsley flakes

Blend smooth all except dry parsley flakes. Stir parsley in, and then store

in glass container.

*Simple and fast, don't forget to share!!!

How To Make A Lemon Cake

Ever wondered how to make a lemon cake the healthy way, or even better, how to get a great taste out of a healthy meal. This is one of the many ways how it's done.

A healthy life is determined by a healthy diet, however most

healthy meals doesn't warrant the satisfying taste that it

deserves. A lemon cake is always a good way to make the

transition, here's how it is made.

Ingredients: 1 c vegan butter
2 c pure cane sugar
1 ½ tsp lemon extract (I use real lemon juice)
1 ½ tsp vanilla extract
½ tsp sea salt
2 c carbonated water original (2 tsp baking powder)

2 3/4 c unbleached flour (or whole wheat or half and half)
1/4 c dry soy milk original (1 c Soy milk)

*If you're doing it the original way, use both original ingredients & vice versa.

* Add carbonated water last.

If you use liquid milk with the carbonated water, the cake will not rise.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees, combine margarine and sugar in a bowl and blend until nice

and smooth. In another bowl combine all of your dry ingredients together. Add your dry

ingredients to your wet ingredients, than add your lemon and vanilla extract and slowly add

your soy milk. Blend together until smooth. Bake for about 40 minutes or until your fork

comes out clean.

Don't forget to like and share, both meal and page... Enjoy.


This Cheese Cake is the Bomb!!! It only has 4

ingredients, and this is very healthy... learn how to make

this delicious tofu cheesecake on your own.

                                                                                                                    Photo by: Sirabellas

3 Containers of Tofu Cream Cheese (DO NOT Substitute) 1 Cup of raw cane sugar 1 teaspoon of Vanilla 1/2 of a Lemon 2 Graham Cracker Pie Shells or make your own

Directions: Combine all of these ingredients into a bowl or Food Processor and blend until smooth. If you do not have a food processor an electric hand mixer will do just as well. Pour into Graham Cracker Shell. (Keep the plastic top that comes with these shells, they can be used to cover the Cheese Cake. Bake for 14 minutes in a oven temp 350 degrees. Take out of the oven and put the plastic top back on it (upside down so that it does not stick on the cheese). Freeze for 30 minutes, and then put it into the refrigerator until you are ready to eat it. Yum, Yum!!!!!!! You can top this with any fruit that you like pineapple, blueberries, strawberries, vegan Carmel and nuts etc. If your to make your own!

Don't forget to share, both meal & page... Enjoy.

How To Make A Vegan Chicken Tofu Macaroni Salad

A great way to entertain a guest while being mindful of

their health. Real tasty and fun to make. This is 2 meals

that can actually be made separate and mixed with

something else... if you try any or have any ideals, let us


Ingredients: • Elbow Macaroni (you decide on how much I use 2 cups)
• 1 cup Vegan mayonnaise
• ¼ teaspoon sea salt
• ½-1 cup sliced green olives (I used the

regular ones in the jar with the pimentos in it)
1 tsp onion powder
½ tsp garlic powder
* You can add other vegetables for flavor.


Prepare macaroni according to directions, and then let it completely cool. Once they are

cool mix all ingredients together in a large bowl. Note: Make sure the tofu is completely

cool before adding it to the macaroni salad.

Chicken style Tofu

Ingredients: 2 packs of extra firm tofu diced
1 tbl soy sauce/liquid aminos
1 c water
2 Tbl sesame seed oil
3 Tbl nutritional yeast

Directions: Mix all ingredients together and pour over tofu cover with aluminum foil. Bake in oven at

400 degrees for 20 minutes, remove foil and flip tofu over with spatula and cover again bake

until all liquid is absorbed (maybe another 15-20 min). Remove foil and allow tofu to brown.

Let this cool completely before adding it to the macaroni salad... and don't forget to enjoy.