(without baking powder and baking soda)
This is absolutely amazing, here is a recipe that is universal to any preference. It is tasty and can be made very quickly and easily. It is essential that we take notice of our ingredients as this recipe proves that great taste does not need to come with a sacrifice.

1½  cups of wholewheat pastry flour or chaphatti flour
I cup coconut palm sugar / soft, dark brown sugar
½ tsp Himalayan salt
¼ cup carob powder
1 cup sparkling water
½ cup sunflower oil
1 tbsp vanilla

Preheat the oven to 350F/180C/Gas Mark 6 and prepare cupcake tin with cupcake cases.  Combine dry ingredients, make a well in the middle and set aside. In a separate bowl, mix together the sunflower oil and vanilla. Ensure that the oven is heated to the correct temperature before adding the sparkling water to the oil and vanilla. Once added, mix gently with a spoon just enough to combine. Pour the wet mixture in the middle of the dry ingredient and gently combine. Evenly distribute the mixture between the cases and bake for 15 minutes in the pre-heated oven. Test with a cocktail stick, which should come out dry when inserted.



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