Push-up Countdown

Here is a routine for those who are trying to get to 100 push-ups straight. This however is not easy , just because its a stepping stone for another plateau. Here is a routine that you can use to take you to another level of your work-outs.

How to do a proper push-up is essential, there should be no "shorties" (short arm push-ups) in this routine, this is full extensions breaking the L position made with your elbows.

we start by doing 10 push-ups and then we stand to our feet for one second and then do 9, and repeat the routine until you get to 1. However at 5 you will hold it at the amount of seconds your first push-up started with. For example if your first set was  10 push-ups,  then you hold it for 10 seconds. Follow the video below... let's go. 


  1. This is very creative, it looks hard but I like it .

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